speakeasy kava 1920s bar flapperWelcome, this is the first blog post written to introduce Speakeasy Kava — a unique new kava and tea bar located in Largo, Florida that’s dedicated to showing it’s patrons a Roaring Good Time! 

Speakeasy Kava was conceptualized by Cameron Decker, a jazz musician who plays the saxophone and sings classic Frank Sinatra songs professionally.  His love affair with this style of music influenced his design for Speakeasy Kava from the lighting, to the drinks, to the events it hosts–even the employee uniforms are a tribute to the roaring 20s.

Speakeasy Kava provides its guests with a laid-back atmosphere they’ll want to chillax in for hours.  The indoor seating area features sofas and comfortable recliners.  speakeasy chess and kratom tea

Dim lighting punctuates the cozy seating nooks and a full-length bar provides more than enough space for at least twenty patrons to perch at comfortably. True to Florida form, there’s an outdoor patio seating area as well with tables, chairs and a firepit to accompany the few cool nights Florida occasionally sees.

The drink list consists of a great variety of teas including loose leaf and kratom.  The looseleaf teas are concocted by the talented “Tea Alchemist” and consist of a mixture of herbal combinations to help ease anxiety, decrease restlessness, enhance focus and increase stamina.  In addition to all those wonderful benefits, the looseleaf teas taste amaaaazing!

Brewed hot and cold kratom tea is another style drink served regularly at the tea bar that’s trending. It comes in three strains  — red, white or green.  Most customers choose the red strain for pain relief, the white for energy and the green for a balanced, euphoric feeling. Fruit sweeteners can be added for those who think the taste of their kratom tea is too bitter.

spoon with loose leaf green tea

In addition to tea, kava can be purchased for an inexpensive way to ease anxiety and for many, as a safe alternative to alcohol.   When combined with alcohol, kava can make people very sick.  Because of this combination, many people will drink kava preventively to hinder their ability to drink alcohol.  Many alcoholics have shifted from alcohol to kava and attribute their continuing sobriety to the kava community. Kava is an earthy drink that isn’t renowned for its taste, but rather its benefits.  Typically it’s drunk from a coconut shell as a shot.

kava shell and green kratom tea drink
Shell of Kava on the left, Green vein kratom tea on the right

Speakeasy Kava is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so next time you find yourself in the Largo area, be sure to stop in, order a tea and a shell and have yourself a roaring good time!

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  1. Kratom Crazy March 21, 2018

    Kratom can be utilized in many different ways and one of the most common ways of taking this powerful herb is through Kratom tea. Many individuals even don’t aware of the term kratom and its effectiveness. Kratom tea can be pretty bitter but with the correct preparation its extremely potent green tea flavor.

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