Lydia Roman

Kratom Tea Brewed Fresh Daily!

At Speakeasy Kava, we’re open 24/7, 365 days a year (unless of course, there’s an emergency like a hurricane – we are located in Florida after all), and we serve kratom tea any time of day, seven days a week! If you’ve never heard of kratom, here’s a brief summary of it: Kratom tea is […]

Welcome To Speakeasy Kava – Bula!

Welcome, this is the first blog post written to introduce Speakeasy Kava — a unique new kava and tea bar located in Largo, Florida that’s dedicated to showing it’s patrons a Roaring Good Time!  Speakeasy Kava was conceptualized by Cameron Decker, a jazz musician who plays the saxophone and sings classic Frank Sinatra songs professionally.  His […]

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